Treadmill Maintenance

Treadmill Parts From Weslo Cadence

Weslo cadence treadmill parts are not very durable. Their endurance and stability is comparatively lesser than parts of other middle range and high quality treadmills. But, Weslo cadence treadmill parts serve the beginner's purpose well. Weslo treadmills are very popular among low income group as they servs the short term fitness needs well. These cadence models are specially manufactured with comparatively cheaper components in order to keep treadmill's market price within the reach of low income group. Weslo cadence treadmill parts could be easily replaced and repaired. Its major part, motor, is best suited for walking or jogging. Weslo cadence parts are perhaps not too good for running exercise. To know more about Weslo treadmills.


Weslo Customer service center usually offers cadence parts that have no warranty to claim. All cadence parts could be easily substituted. So, refurbishing a weslo treadmill of cadence series is not a difficult task. Some popular models of cadence are the Cadence C22, the Cadence 340 CS, the Cadence 255DR and the Cadence C78. Price of cadence models range from two hundred to seven hundred dollar. Motor power or efficiency of motor in continuous duty ranges from 1 to 2.75 HP in cadence models. Weslo treadmill's belt's length varies from forty five to fifty five inch. Weslo Cadence C22 and Weslo Cadence 340 CS have short track length that is only 45 inch.

Weslo Cadence C78 is probably the best of cadence models Like Weslo Cadence 255DR. It also has the power incline and a heart rate monitor. Uncushoined track of C22 model may cast negative impact on joints and muscles. Weslo treadmill parts are not of superior quality. That's why, they need early replacement. Cadence parts could only provide you with immediate fitness need. It doesn't serve long term exercise needs for keeping your health in a good state. Although, cadence could be bought for home exercise but running workout is perhaps unfavorable on cadence treadmills due to its incapability to assist in complex running workouts.