Treadmill Maintenance

Do Not Go To Your Local Mechanic for Any Treadmill Troubleshooting

Since treadmill are mechanical devices, these machines may have one or the other type of problem. Treadmill owners make a mistake of getting their machines repaired by unauthorized service people.

The treadmills available today have advanced features such as iFit, inbuilt exercise programs and variable speeds and inclines. A treadmill is a complex machine with a number of parts that run in co-ordination.

It is not advisable to allow unauthorized treadmill troubleshooters to repair your machine. Treadmill repairs carried out by the manufacturer’s service people are usually free of cost if the machine is under warranty.

Before you make a decision about getting your treadmill repaired, remember that treadmill repair is a specialized job that requires knowledge and experience.

If your treadmill has a problem or it breaks down, never try to fix the problems by using the services of an unauthorized troubleshooter. If someone advices you to replace a part of a treadmill with an incompatible or a spurious part, it would be sensible if you choose not to follow the advise.

The very first thing you should do is call your customer care and register your complaint. If you do not know the customer care number, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and look for the customer support section. Leave a complaint with your address and phone number and someone will get back to you to ask you about the nature of the complaint in detail and schedule a visit.

If your machine is under a warranty, then you need not pay anything for the part and labor charges.

Even if your machine’s warranty has expired, you are likely to get spare parts and services at a reasonable cost. Treadmill repairs carried out by the manufacturer’s service department ensure that your treadmill remains in good shape and provides you with years of trouble free performance.

This is an assurance that no fly by night troubleshooter is capable of giving you.