Buyer Guide

Ordering ProForm Parts Online

Buying a treadmill is usually an expensive investment. A lot of care and regular maintenance is required to keep the machine in excellent working condition. Maintenance of the treadmill is often an issue of concern for many buyers.

To ensure that the machine provides durable and smooth performance, it is important to replace any damaged machine parts promptly. Repeated use of damaged machine components may cause irreparable damage to the motor of the treadmill and thus adversely affect the working of the machine.

One way to order for replacement machine parts is to place an online order. Several treadmill manufacturers offer this facility. ProForm is one of the brands, which offers its clients the convenience of ordering replacement parts online.

ProForm treadmills, manufactured by Icon Health & Fitness Inc, offer a comprehensive range of good quality, low priced treadmills. Targeted at beginners, Proform treadmills are available in the price range of $500 to $ 1500.

ProForm treadmills offer excellent value for money. These machines have become immensely popular with the launch of their SpaceSaver Technology. This allows the user, the convenience of folding the machine after use. The potential buyer may choose either a soft or a firm running surface.

ProForm offers only 90 days warranty period on its treadmills. As a result, there might be a recurrent need to replace or repair the machine parts and components. In addition, repeated usage might cause wear and tear to the machine parts.

Any damaged or worn-out parts of ProForm treadmills may be replaced by placing a replacement request online. Ordering replacement parts for ProForm treadmills is very convenient and easy.

Parts for ProForm treadmills may be ordered online for machines that are no longer under warranty. In order to placing an order, the consumer needs to visit the company’s website. Once the portal is opened, one should click the Customer Service tab at the top of the page. Thereafter, one should press on the Replacement Parts link.

The customer is required to enter the machine model number and press the Submit button. Then a list of replacement parts that can be ordered from the company is made available. After submitting the request, the request is logged with the manufacturer.

Online ordering for ProForm spare parts can be carried out only if the user is out of the extended warranty period and it is a simple repair. Thus, it is important to check the validity of the warranty before placing an online request.