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Treadmill belt lubrication

You use your treadmill to burn calories and to exercise your lungs, heart, muscles and bones. Now the question is do you keep your treadmill fit too? Yes, proper maintenance of treadmill to keep it smooth and functioning is essential. If you don't take care of the machine it is going to give you a lot of trouble or break down frequently.

You need to fill your motorbike or car with lubricating oils for smooth performance. The same applies to treadmill belt lubrication. The treadmill's belt runs on rollers and balls bearings. The rollers and ball-bearings tend to dry out over time and need to be lubricated. If you don't lubricate them at regular intervals, you would be risking your treadmill's belt. You will often hear people complaining about having to spend a lot of money on replacing the belts on the treadmill. That is because they don't take care of treadmill belt lubrication.

The belts get worn out after a period of time, but lubricating them can delay its tear and will save you tidy sum of money. Without lubrication the frictional force will act more on the belts and it will tear down soon before time.

To lubricate your treadmill belts you can buy the treadmill lubricants from the retailer stores or the manufacturer's showroom. They even come in the treadmill kits that are meant for the maintenance of the machine. Take care that you avoid the silicon based lubricants for your treadmill. They are not very effective in making the ride smoother and friction free.

In most cases your manufacturer will recommend you the belt lubricants when you buy the machine. They will give you advice on how to get maximum noise free performance from your treadmill.

Make sure that your treadmill requires lubrication. There are a number of treadmills that do not require any sort of lubrication.