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Treadmill belt adjustments

The major components of your treadmill comprise of the belt, motor, deck, on and off switch and the safety keys. However, the most critical parts of a treadmill are the belts.  The belts need to be looked after properly.

If you ask a treadmill doctor which part of the treadmill requires the most attention, he would without batting an eyelid, reply that it is the belt.

Yes, the belt is the part which enables walking or running on a treadmill. A belt in a poor condition is bound to make your workout difficult. If you find that your workouts are not comfortable then probably something is wrong with the belt(s). Check out the manual for instructions on how to check and adjust the belt. The manual should definitely contain instructions on how to do that. The belt(s) should be properly adjusted for optimum performance of the treadmill.

Over a period of time, as you workout on the treadmill, the belts do tend to loosen up and get displaced a bit. This makes walking or running on the treadmill uncomfortable.

You will not feel the treadmill responding properly to your gait. If that is the case make sure that you adjust the belts. The belts can either be tightened or loosened up.

Now, how exactly do we go about doing that?  There are belt adjustment bolts on both the corners of the deck. If you want to loosen the belt, you need to simultaneously move both bolts anti-clockwise.

While turning the bolts try to fell the looseness. Walk and see if the treadmill is comfortable. Keep turning the bolts anti-clockwise until the treadmill is loose enough. If you feel that the belts are loose and you need to increase the tension of the belts, and then simultaneously turn both bolts in the clockwise direction. Check and repeat adjustment until you feel the belts are tight enough.