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Tips For Treadmill Maintenance

It needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape. If maintained properly, its performance remains good throughout and its look stays anew even after years. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your treadmill properly:

1) The key word is to keep it clean. A dirty treadmill can lead to the failure of its belt; sudden changes in speed due to dirty speed sensors; and overloading of the motor. Clean your machine thoroughly once a week to avoid such problems.

2) Dust the belt and the space in between the deck and the belt as much as possible. Do not use any solutions as this could make the belt slippery. Clean the frame and console with a slightly damp cloth. After it has dried out completely, plug it on and check all the functions.

3) Use lubrication only if recommended by the manufacturer. The modern treadmills are in very less need of any waxing or lubrication. Follow manufacturers’ directions for lubricating. It is very important to maintain low friction between the deck and the belt as high friction will lead to amp draw (In this situation, power is pulled away from the motor and electronics, which ends up damaging these parts).

4) Keep a check on the belt. Excessively tightened or excessively loosened belt can lead to wear and tear of the belt as well as of the deck. In a new treadmill, the belts tend to get loose initially, so keep a check. You also need to make sure that the belt is properly aligned and should consult your manual’s belt tracking instructions to get the best guidance.

5) Follow the general maintenance tips provided by your manufacturer in the user's manual. A particular model of treadmill may need a particular kind of attention. So, go though the manual.

6) Undertake level adjustments to avoid any kind of squeaking sounds and/or belt mis-tracking. The treadmill should be in level with the floor it has been kept on to avoid such problems.

7) Circuit breaker fuses should be replaced with correct fuses. However it is not at all recommended to replace blown fuses in the motor yourself. Contact your dealer for that.

8) Check that the treadmill consoles are connected with an AC wall outlet to avoid any kind of console crashes. This may even lead to complete breakdown of the whole treadmill. So keep a watch.

Following these simple maintenance tips can help you keep your treadmill in good shape. Start practicing them now and keep your treadmill anew always.