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Repairs and Maintenance of Trotter Treadmills

Cybex manufactures high quality and sophisticated treadmills. The brand name Cybex was formerly known as Trotter. The brand Cybex retains the exceptionally high quality that had made Trotter famous. No doubt, Cybex is slightly expensive compared to other brands.

Like any other equipment, treadmills also undergo wear and tear with use. The rate of such wear and tear would of course be comparatively less with a good brand like Trotter. However, after the warranty period all treadmills do require some repairs or replacements of worn out parts.

Most people do not want to spend money on repairs after buying low quality treadmills. They would prefer to  go in for a new treadmill of a reputed brand rather than keep spending money every now and then on repairs. However, if the treadmill is of a very good  brand like Trotter, one can consider overhauling and refurbishing it at a considerably lesser cost after some years to make it as good as new.

To avoid recurring repairs and maintenance costs look after your equipment.  Regular servicing of the equipment keeps it in good shape. You can do this either at home or can take it to a servicing center.

While servicing the treadmill, make sure you clean the motor to make it dust free. Inspect the belt for wear and have it replaced if it is in a bad condition. There is no need to lubricate moving parts such as the chain and pulleys. However, do inspect and lubricate the deck as per the recommended schedule.

The treadmill belt after constant use tends to get imbalanced. You can adjust this very easily by moving the adjustment screws with a screwdriver.

A noisy treadmill means that you need to examine the motor and probably get it repaired or replaced. In case you replace a motor, make sure that the replacement is compatible and is of a reliable brand. Leading manufacturers of treadmills usually offer replacement motors and belts themselves and they are more reliable and compatible too.

Of course, the need to replace the display panels or other non-moving parts, but that would is not very frequently required.

After a certain number of years, it is better to replace a used treadmill with a new one unless it is in good shape.

The Trotter treadmills usually provide a two-year warranty on parts and one year on labor for home use only. The frame carries a warranty of ten years, and decks and belts a one-year warranty.