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Nordic Walking

Walking gave our ancestors long lives and strength. In fact walking is an important form of exercise that strengthens the different parts of the body. Nordic walking is a kind of exercise that is carried out during the skiing off-season. It is  walking with the help of ski poles. Hence it is also called pole walking, ski-walking or fitness walking.

In fact Nordic walking has been practiced for many decades, during the skiing off-season. It is now  practiced regardless of the seasons. As a matter of fact it is practices throughout the year as an exercise for overall fitness. In this type of walking people go out for  walks on the snow ridden cliffs or hills to get an exhilarating type of  cardiovascular exercise. It helps to move the various parts of the body and to develop muscles.

Why do people use  poles  in Nordic walking? That is because the poles work like a lever and reduce the tension from the joints of the legs and this makes the walking easier. Without them the person would find it more difficult to climb the slopes.

What are the benefits of Nordic walking over general walking? In Nordic walking the workouts are more strenuous and have more benefits than regular walking. In this kind of walking you need to apply force in each stride. The force applied stimulates the chest, biceps, triceps,  abdominal, shoulder and other important muscles. The overall impact of the workouts is more than regular walking or even jogging. Let us see how it benefits the overall health of the body:

It increases your body's overall stamina, ability and strengthens the legs and arms.

You become expert in climbing hills easily and effortlessly.

You burn more calories than general walking, jogging or running.

You improve the body balance and stability.