Treadmill Basics

Weslo Treadmill Parts Must Be Replaced With Genuine Ones

Many people make the mistake of replacing the parts on their treadmills with incompatible or spurious parts, without consulting the customer service department of the manufacturer.

They realize the mistake much later when they have to contend with further breakdowns or problems with their treadmills.

Treadmills today are very sophisticated pieces of equipment. There are a number of technologies that go into a treadmill. A treadmill has a number of components that work together in harmony to enable you to exercise.

Treadmill manufacturers spend a lot of money in training their service engineers on how to service and repair the products. Repairing a treadmill is not just about anybody’s job. You require an authorized service person to open, inspect, repair or replace a part in your treadmill.

If your friendly neighborhood troubleshooter advises you to replace a defective part in a treadmill with a used, spurious or incompatible part, do not listen to the advice. You will be creating problems for yourself and the treadmill in case you follow such advice.

In case a part of your treadmill needs to be replaced, contact the customer support department of the manufacturer and register a complaint or a request. The manufacturer will send a service person to check your treadmill and advise you suitably.

Treadmill manufacturers provide replacement parts at reasonable prices. These parts have a warranty cover provided by the manufacturer. Your neighborhood troubleshooter may also claim to give you a warranty. Do you think that the troubleshooter will be willing or able to enforce the warranty?

So as a matter of precaution and good sense, always opt for genuine spare parts for your treadmill. Do not allow unauthorized service persons to repair your treadmill. You will be doing yourself and your treadmill a big favor.