Treadmill Basics

Troubleshooting Your Own Treadmill Is Not a Big Deal

If you are using a treadmill, basic knowledge of the machine can be very handy. You should know about the overall functioning of a treadmill, the various parts and what could go wrong with them. You should also know about the minor adjustments that you can and should make, periodically. For instance, you should know how to lubricate the belt periodically.

You might ask yourself why you need to know about troubleshooting a treadmill. After all, support from the company is just a phone call or a mouse click away. You can also mention the serial number of your treadmill and log a compliant or a service request through the phone or the web.

So why do you need to know how to troubleshoot your treadmill?

There will be times when company support is not accessible. Suppose you take your folding treadmill to a campout or a vacation and your treadmill acts up. Here might be a minor problem such as a loose hinge, or a belt that needs adjustment. The point is that most of these minor issues that a user can tackle are usually mentioned in the treadmill manual.

It is a very good idea to read the manual and understand the problems that can take place. You would not be wasting precious time by calling your service person for a minor problem that in all likelihood you could have fixed up on your own, if you had taken the trouble of reading the manual.

Of course, you should not get to enthusiastic and try to repair all problems on your own. Major problems are what customer support is for. In case you have what looks like a major issue with your treadmill, then dot loose time and contact the company support team.