Treadmill Basics

Taking Care of Your Treadmill

Machines do break down. In spite of our best efforts to maintain them, at some point of time or the other machines require a part to be replaced or repaired.

Treadmills are machines that are no exception to this thumb rule. Even if we take care of our treadmill will require a technician’s visit to repair or replace a part. The underlying condition is that we need to take care of them. If we do not take care of them then our treadmill is likely to breakdown at frequent intervals.

The first thing to do before we start using a treadmill is read the owner’s manual very carefully. The owner manual usually contains the precautions we need to follow to look after our treadmill.

At the time of installing your treadmill, make sure that your treadmill is connected to a reliable power source. Make sure that dirt does not accumulate on the treadmill. Dirt may cause problems to the sensitive areas such as the tread belt, motor and the electronic console. Wipe down the treadmill with a clean and moist cloth to remove dirt.

In case you feel that the belt is not functioning properly, then stop the treadmill and disconnect from power supply. If the treadmill is under the warranty period then call in the technician from the company to service the problem. If the treadmill is out of the warranty period then follow the instructions to remove the belt and replace if necessary.

You should follow the recommended schedule for lubricating the belt. Lubricating the belt is necessary to prevent buildup of friction and it helps to reduce wear and tear.

In case any part of your treadmill needs to be replaced, then do not use cheap, spurious or incompatible spare parts. Make sure that you use only the parts that are either directly sold by or recommended by the manufacturer.