Treadmill Basics

Do not try to troubleshoot your Trotter treadmill: Call customer support for help.

Like any other mechanical device, a treadmill is likely to require repair and maintenance at some point of time. There are many parts or accessories that require repair and replacements.

The point is that if something does go wrong with your treadmill, there are some things that you should do, and some things that you should not do.

Let us look first at the things that you should not do.

The first thing that you should not do is to panic or be hasty while making a decision.

Do not call an unauthorized technician who is known to you for advice. Technicians and troubleshooters have a way of playing god and may definitely treat you like a lesser mortal and give you advice that you do not need or should not be following.

A Trotter treadmill is a sophisticated piece of equipment. They should be examined or repaired only by authorized company personnel. Your warranty could be nullified if you allow an unauthorized technician to repair your treadmill. Company people have their own way of finding out if you did, believe me.

Do not go in for a spurious or an incompatible part if you are somehow convinced that a part needs replacement.

Now let us take a look at the things that you should do.

Read the owner manual. The owner manual usually contains information in one form or the other about the things that can go wrong with your treadmill.

This will probably be called the trouble shooting section. Read this very carefully. Chances are that you will be able to fix up the problem yourself if you read the manual. If you are not able to fix up the problem, you may be in a better position to understand the problem.

Call up company support and you will probably have to go through a voice answering system. Talk to the person who answers your call and explain your problem. Register your complaint and wait for the company support person to come calling. That is the sensible way of fixing up you treadmill.