Treadmill Basics

Do Not Replace Your Treadmill Parts with Substitutes

If you own a treadmill, there is a possibility that you would require to replace one part or the other. Treadmills are after all machines and any machine over a period of time would require the replacement of one par or another. In case you experience a problem with your treadmill that requires a part to be replaced and it is under warranty, the best option is to get the part replaced from the manufacturer.

The purpose of a warranty is to provide you with a means by which you can have the treadmill repaired, serviced or a part replaced at no extra cost. Of course, warranties differ as per brands. There are some brands that provide you with a 10-year warranty on the motor, five year on the frames and 3 years on other parts such as the tread belt and electronic components.

However, companies provide very short period of warranty on the labor charges. After your labor charges warranty expires and you need a part replaced you may have to pay the labor costs involved in replacing the part.

In case the warranty on the treadmill is over, then you might be tempted to either buy a compatible part of another brand or buy a spurious or a substitute part. That is not recommended at all, since such parts may either be incompatible to your treadmill or create more problems than they will solve.

In case the warranty on the machine is over, and you need to replace a part, you should ideally order the part from the manufacturer’s website. Manufacturers usually provide the replacement parts at a reasonable rate.

Just visit the manufacturer’s web site and look for the customer support section or something that is equivalent. You just need to mention the serial number of your treadmill and log a service request for part replacement.