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Treadmill Belt Lubrication: The Why And The How...
Treadmills are just like any other machine. They need regular upkeep and maintenance. There are many moving parts in the treadmills and the treadmill belt and the belt rollers are the units that take most punishment, and therefore, require a great deal of maintenance. The best way is to do regular treadmill belt lubrication. We know that regular use wears parts of a treadmill belt and other parts of the assembly. But, in case the machine is left unattended for sometime, parts of it may get rusted or jammed due to accumulation of dirt and dust.

More dust means that lubricant gets absorbed and this increases friction in the treadmill belt assembly. Regular use of a treadmill leads to heating up of the machine and its motor. This heat also dries up the lubricant. If the lubricant levels of the machine run very low, the amount of friction will increase and cause a great damage to the treadmill. Thus, it is necessary that we do regular treadmill belt lubrication.

But, with the advancement of technology, some new high-end treadmills are coming with automatic treadmill belt lubrication system. If your manual says that your machine has automatic treadmill belt lubrication, then you are lucky. If your treadmill belt lubrication has to be done manually, read on!

You should check which kind of treadmill belt lubrication material could you use. Wax based and silicon based lubricants are available in the market. Granule based and powdered lubricants are available in the market for treadmill belt lubrication. Consult your treadmill manual for which kind of treadmill belt lubrication will your machine need. It’s never recommended to use a powdered lubricant where a granular lubricant is required.

Similarly, silicon based treadmill belt lubrication material is also available in different types. You can find treadmill belt lubrication spray or liquid treadmill belt lubrication solution.

Treadmill belt lubrication material is available both online and off line. Treadmill belt lubrication material is available from super markets as well as from fitness equipment suppliers. One of the best suppliers of treadmill belt lubrication material is Lifespan Fitness. You can get LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant at a price of around 17 to 19 USD.

Another frequently asked question about the treadmill belt lubrication is the frequency of lubrication. While it’s generally mentioned in the manual of your treadmill, or posted on the product page of company website, in some cases, the information may not be available. Here, you have to decide as per the usage of the treadmill. Regular exercisers should do treadmill belt lubrication twice per year. But, a casual user should bother about lubrication only annually.