Buying Treadmill

The Quest For The Best Treadmill!

There are various models of treadmills available in the market today. In our quest for the best treadmill, we take a look at some of the popular treadmills available in the market and see if any of them can satisfy all our requirements namely decent feature set, good warranty and great price.

We start with the Keys 8800 model. This treadmill offers good features and its price makes it a decent value for money. It has been awarded as best treadmill in the sector of overall value features as well as satisfaction of the customer by Good Housekeeping. Next up is the Schwinn6700p. This treadmill comes laden with features. So whatever you want, it is there in this treadmill. For the people who want a compact treadmill, Keys Milestone 1200 is the one.

For the people who want extreme power from their machine and want to make the best out of their time at treadmill, True 500 HRC is more than just satisfactory. These treadmills come with adjustable speed and incline controls and it can simulate real life environment very closely. For the people looking a budget solution, Weslo Cadence DX12 is the thing they want. Another one they can look for is Proform 630 DS.

If you just want the cheapest treadmill with basic features, Image 16.0Q priced at just $515 should be more than enough. Please note that it comes with a short warranty. If warranty is not the place where you want to compromise, a Landice L7pro priced at $2800 can be the one you want. If you think that the Landice is too expensive, Horizon Fitness 5.1T which retails for $1800 may satisfy you. It has a limit of 350lbs weight meaning that everyone can use it.

If you want to get the best balance between, price, power and features, you would have seen that all the models seen as yet tilted in favor of one aspect too much or abandoned one aspect completely. The best balance in price power and features is achieved by Smooth 5.15P which comes with all the basic features and a heart rate monitor, all for just $900.