Treadmill Advantages

Elliptical Trainers and treadmills both are with merits and demerits!

Treadmills have long been considered one of the most popular exercise equipments available. However, they may soon be replaced by another fast rising popular workout tool, i.e., the elliptical trainers.

Although both the elliptical trainers and treadmills provide quality fitness opportunities for health conscious people all over the world, we have to see which one can work for us.

For getting a good cardio fitness workout, both the tools are good. However, there is little difference between the equipments and their methodology. Therefore, before you purchase either of the two or both, you must first learn to distinguish between them.

Elliptical trainer's popularity lies in the fact that there is almost no body impact with the ground. This suits people with joint problems or arthritis very well.
Treadmills are harder on joints and fitness professionals as well as physical therapists advise against them. Since treadmills are not suitable for people with joint problems and the belt on the treadmill can slip forward, this can cause knee stress and other problems. This mostly happens when the treadmill is clumsily maintained.

Elliptical trainers also have its own share of problems in case it does not have a long enough stride for people with longer legs or if the pedals don't adjust to the natural foot position. While workouts on the trainer have been compared to running on air, it makes for poor marathon training as the motion is relatively unnatural. Therefore, unless and until there's a joint problem, a treadmill is the better option between the two in this case.

Elliptical trainers are typically said to be better aerobic trainers which demand less perceived effort. This helps the user work with both the upper portion of the body as well as the lower portion.  Therefore, you burn more calories on an elliptical trainer as compared to a treadmill in the same amount of time. While strength training is still recommended for a complete upper body workout, this form of upper body regimen is ideal for people without too much time to spare.

Treadmills are great for young people who are fit and also have good joints and are specifically suited for distance runners. However, the elliptical trainers are the current gym favorites due to its virtue of being able to work both the upper and the lower body with joint protection thrown in. Anyways, both elliptical trainers and treadmills provide quality fitness opportunities and therefore, choice of either of them depends on your personal requirements which can help you a lot with your weight loss endeavors.