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Here are Some Best Buy Treadmills

Consumer Reports is an American magazine, published monthly by Consumer’s Union. It publishes reports on various products and services. By its impartial reviews, it has earned the confidence of product manufacturers as well as the consumers.

With the help of professional trainers and testing exercises, Consumer Reports offers views on various treadmill varieties, without allegiance or bias to any brand or model.

Consumer Reports evaluate the best treadmill on the basis of its findings. It also suggests consumer reports treadmill best buy models, which combine both, quality and worthiness.

It also allows a probable buyer an insight into the machine features that deserve consideration before actually purchasing a treadmill. The treadmill motor should be at least 1.5 HP. The frame and the deck should be sturdy and durable.

The belt should not be worn out. It should be of the optimum size for the user, in keeping with his/her height and weight.

The speed should at least be 10 mph and the incline should go up to 10 levels. The machine should provide a smooth ride and there should not be any noise problems.

Warranty is another important aspect. It can provide a fair idea about the quality of the components. A look at the safety features and additional accessories may also be important. Due to the credibility of the consumer reports, every prospective consumer wants to know the best buy treadmill models, before deciding on which model or brand to buy.

Some consumer report treadmill best buy models are Smooth 5.25, Sole F83, Landice L770 Pro Sports Trainer, Sole F-80, and Bodyguard T240 among others.

A 2.5 HP motor powers Smooth 5.25 folding treadmill. It has an incline of 15 % and offers a prolonged warranty too. Sole F 83 is a folding treadmill with a 3 HP motor and an exceptional warranty. Landice L770 Pro Sports Trainer is another treadmill powered by a 3 HP motor and ranked highly in terms of quality.

Treadmills of Life Fitness and Nordic Track are also highly rated. As per the recent reports, Precor M9.33 is highly recommended in the high-end range.