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Precor Elliptical – A Profile

Precor is one of the earliest fitness equipment producing company that introduced the elliptical fitness cross trainer. The company is still known today for quality and commitment to their products. The first elliptical trainers introduced by them were named as EFX. Not only do they  make products for  gyms and health clubs, but also for domestic use.

The Precor elliptical  is  very user friendly .It features a one button start up and the graphs and displays are very simple to understand.. The company  provides the product with a 10 year warranty. An ample testimonial to the quality of its products.

A Unique feature of this type of fitness equipment is that  they allow you to exercise with an elliptical motion. There is less pressure on your joints and muscles and  chances of  injury are completely eliminated. You can exercise the whole body without much effort.  This stimulates you to increase the intensity,duration and quality of your  workouts.

Precor ellipticals, compared to other similar machines work very quietly.  The  parts are designed to function in a quiet and  smooth manner.

Recently the engineers at  Precor fitness equipments have come up with a innovative Precor cross ramp technology. This model enables you to continuously change  the angles at which you workout and exercise  different muscles of your body.

Thus working now on an elliptical machine becomes as effective as cross-country skiing or hiking. Apart from this with the entry of newer models in the market  a host of features also comes with them like monitoring of the speed , time, distance,pulse thus allowing you to keep track of the fats and calories you burnt out and thus how effective a particular workout of yours was.