Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipments

Realizing the busy lifestyles of people, the fitness market has come up with a range of fitness equipments which save time and give you the requisite workout. These machines give you the freedom of working upon specific areas of your body and targeting fitness goals. Few common exercise equipments include treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, leg machines, free weights, training balls and back braces.

Treadmills – It is a type of indoor fitness equipment which allows the user to run or jog on it. Also, you can incline the position of the machine so that you can get an experience similar to hiking or climbing. This exercising equipment comes with a host of features like visual displays to monitor your pulse, speed display, time, distance and other such factors to provide a quality workout.

Elliptical machines – Elliptical machines are also a type of indoor fitness equipment for running or jogging purposes. They are somewhat similar to a treadmill except the fact that they provide a total body workout and there is less impact on the knees and legs while running.

Exercise bikes – These are the stationary types of bicycles used for exercising purpose. This equipment is absolutely safe and gives you a low-impact cardiovascular exercise. It is a very effective equipment to reduce your weight. It is used to shape body parts like the thighs and calves.

Free weights – These are basically meant for building strength and body mass. Common free weights include dumbbells and barbells. They are used to develop lean and heavy body mass and gain more muscle definition. They are most common among fitness professionals and serious gym regulars.