Exercise Equipment

Elliptical Workout vs. Treadmill Workout

You are probably thinking of buying a machine to exercise indoors and cannot decide between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer.  There are similarities between the two machines and some obvious and not quite so obvious differences.

Let us take a look at the similarities. Both machines provide intense workouts that can help you to improve your cardiovascular health and bone density level, besides the host of other advantages that come with aerobic exercise. Both machines are indoor exercise equipment that helps you to exercise indoors without worrying whether it is raining, snowing or freezing cold outside.

Exercise on a treadmill consists of walking or jogging. You can vary the speed at which you walk or jog and adjust the incline to have a more intensive workout. Since you can walk or jog on treadmill the lower torso gets a lot of exercise, whereas the only thing in your upper torso that gets exercise are your arms.

Treadmills are high impact machines. Your body has to absorb a lot of rebound shock when you use a treadmill.

An elliptical trainer on the other hand exercises your upper and lower body. It consists of pedals for your lower body and a set of flexible bars that exercise your arms, shoulders and back. You can reach your targeted heart rate much faster on an elliptical trainer than a treadmill.

Exercising on an elliptical trainer involves much lower shock levels to your body: It is practically nonexistent. Since you are not actually walking or jogging on an elliptical, there is no shock for the body to absorb. Another advantage of an elliptical is that you are able to workout more intensively, because your body can workout much harder.
Treadmills are very popular exercise machines. Elliptical trainers are catching on fast, and people may start preferring the latter to the former in a very short span of time.