Exercise Equipment

Elliptical Trainers

All fitness-related elliptical machines also called ellipticals. Elliptical exercisers, elliptical gliders, and elliptical cross trainers are known by a variety of brand names. They are the latest addition to the vast range of fitness equipments available today. These machines add variety to the fitness regime. These machines have gained immense popularity in a short span of time. Elliptical trainers combine developing muscle tone and providing aerobic exercising. The mechanism of an elliptical trainer is driven by the legs and two handle levers that are attached to the pedals to give more power to the user.

The handles are generally held below the shoulder level and you have to alternately shuffle the handles to-and-forth. In many models, the incline position of the ramps below the pedal can be modified and adjusted and this gives the user the option of adding a range to his workouts. Quality of an elliptical trainer depends on the price you are ready to pay for it. A model which costs you $1000 or below can support a person less than 250 lbs. But if you are ready to invest around $1300 to $5000, you will get a machine that will handle users up to 400 lbs.

An interesting aspect of this machine is that it is often compared with a treadmill. Both the machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Elliptical trainers save you from incurring any type of injury to the joints or muscles of your knees and leg .But this machine is not good for joggers and runners and those who need very high-intensity workouts. Treadmills concentrate more on the lower body whereas in an elliptical trainer you get a full-body workout. Ellipticals are more appropriate for elderly people and those who are undergoing some kind of rehabilitation of knees, foot or ankle.