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Elliptical Trainers Explained

The elliptical trainer also called the cross trainer, is an immovable exercise machine. It is used to replicate walking or running, without causing undue pressure on the legs and joints. It offers zero impact cardio-vascular workouts. It has provisions for both light as well as strenuous workouts.

The movement of the user’s legs primarily powers the cross-trainer machine. This kind of fitness device is good for use by people who have acquired recent injuries or have persistent knee or joint problems. It is also helpful for overweight people.

These days, elliptical machines are becoming very popular. They provide both upper and lower body workout simultaneously. They offer a  better aerobic workout to the user, with little physical effort.

A lot of therapists use elliptical trainers for assisting the healing of the  hip and leg joints. Many physicians also recommend their usage by the  elderly.

Due to the lack of body impact with the ground, these machines are fast surpassing treadmills in terms of popularity. The general perception is that these cross-trainers help to burn more calories and accelerate weight loss. However this view is not supported by recent studies and research.

 It is recommended those persons with balance problems or those who fear falling from the cross-trainers should totally avoid these machines.

While buying a cross-trainer product, the buyer should make sure that the pace, speed and length are comfortable to work with. The product should have provision to adjust the incline levels. It must provide a steady and smooth ride. There should be minimal or no noise at all.

The console and the heart rate monitor should be clear and legible. Safety features like handrails, warm up and cool down periods are other important aspects that merit thorough consideration. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty very carefully.

Image, Sole, Precor, Epic and Smooth are some brands that manufacture quality cross-trainer machines. Some highly rated models include: Image 8.5, Nordic Track Elite 1300, Epic 1000, Precor EFX 5.17, Sole E25, Sole F55, Smooth CE 3.2 and Life Fitness X9i.

Research indicates that the elliptical in terms of the derived benefits is equivalent to jogging. It may help a prospective consumer to read expert reviews and conduct a trial exercise, before deciding on the brand and model to buy.

A customer, after considering the important aspects of elliptical trainers, may definitely be able to pick a machine that combines quality with value and proves to be a good buy over time.