Exercise Equipment

Smooth elliptical trainers, manufactured by Smooth Fitness are one of the best investments that a health conscious person can make. The Smooth elliptical trainers belong to the  mid-range segment, yet have features that compete with  high-end fitness equipment providers. The products are  innovative, practical, robust, and stylistic and require minimal maintenance.

The Smooth elliptical trainers were one of the first exercising equipment to sell online. The company manufactures the product on its own and sells its range at competitive prices through factory outlets.
The company is also the only one to sell direct on the Internet. If you add it all up, a manufacturer selling online and direct through the internet means huge savings for the customer. Since there are no intermediaries or retailers involved, the company is able to pass on the savings on to the customer.

Buying the trainer online is a great experience. Just login to their site and input your height into the Elliptical Trainer Stride Selector feature. The Stride Selector will automatically recommend a model from the elliptical range.

The line-up of Smooth elliptical trainers features both forward and backward motion and provides great results. The user is able to burn more fat and get a well-toned body. All of the models in the range have rear wheel drive as a standard feature.

As a class of exercise equipment, the elliptical trainer provides zero-impact workouts. An elliptical trainer is the equipment of choice for individuals who are recuperating from physical injury or are prone to backbone or sports injury.

The upper body arm bar in elliptical trainers allows for maximum benefit as it exercises the arms and the legs. It also makes the entire exercise routine less excruciating.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its entire range. The models are available at prices, which suits all budgets. Some of the models are priced as low as $1300.