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Treadmill Vs Stepper: Which One Is A Better Cardio Exercise Machine?

The best way to do cardio exercises is with the help of exercise machines. However, there are many exercise machines that assist in cardio-exercises and because of this it is not easy to choose which machine is the best. Claims are made that treadmills and steppers are the best. For those who want to invest only in one, let us see which one of the two is the best buy.

Steppers Vs Treadmills
Both, steppers and treadmills are considered to be effective cardio exercise machines. However, they both act on different parts of the body and offer different results. This has to be taken into account when one is forced by budgetary constraints to opt for either one of them. Following is an overview of the two of them.

Stepper is a good cardio exercise machine which allows you to mechanically perform the task of climbing stairs (which we all know is good for fitness). It is weight bearing exercise machine in which the weight of the body is focused on the feet. The best part is that the machine's impact on the feet and knee is very low. The machine helps in working out quadricep muscles.

A treadmill is a motorized machine built to help you run, jog and walk. All these exercises are endurance building exercises which also tone your body's muscles. However, though the calories burned in this case are significantly more, the impact on ankle and knee joints is also much more than a stepper.

So Who Should Go For What?
Those who are interested in maintaining a lean and healthy look should opt for a treadmill. On the other hand, those who are keen to increase the muscle density in their legs should opt for a stepper.

Individuals who have vulnerable knee and ankle joints or are suffering from any type of disease afflicting these parts of the body should opt for a stepper cardio exercise machine. For those whose body can withstand the high impact can opt for any treadmill.

If space, and not the type of exercise machine, is what one needs to take into account while choosing a cardio exercise machine then treadmills are the best. Most of the treadmills available in the market have the option of automatic or manual folding. These can be folded and then stored under the bed or in the closet. The same doesn't hold true for steppers.

Treadmills are the best if the intention is only to gain a lean and mean look. If muscular density is what one is looking for then the stepper is the machine to opt for.