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Reviews of Elliptical Machines

The Cross trainer or elliptical is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running. It offers non-impact cardiovascular workouts, without causing undue pressure on the joints. It is beneficial in providing a complete body workout.

Some elliptical machines are Healthrider Elliptical Cross Trainer by Icon Health & Fitness, Image 8.5, Sole E 25, Smooth CE 3.2 and NordicTrack’s Ellipse.

Elliptical machine reviews are published in various health and fitness magazines. These are also available on the Internet. These evaluations are based on actual findings of the fitness experts and professionals. Some highly recommended models include the Precor EFX 5.17i, Spirit XE 350, Precor EFX 5.33, Vision Fitness and Fitness Quest Eclipse 100 HR/A.

Elliptical machine reviews rate the Life core Fitness LC-990 as a favourite buy, Life core Fitness LC-980 as the best overall buy and ProForm 800 as the best economy buy.

Precor ellipticals are high-quality machines apt for both commercial and home use. Precor EFX 5.33 is ideal for serious and committed users.

ProForm elliptical machines, from Icon Health & Fitness, are suitable for casual runners. Their elliptical models are ProForm 880, ProForm 1080s, ProForm 1280 and ProForm Crossover.

Cross Trainers by Sole are highly rated machines. They offer extensive warranties and come with wireless heart rate monitor. Smooth Fitness is rated as the number 1 seller and producer of fitness equipment. Their elliptical models include the Smooth CE 2.1, Smooth CE 3.2, Smooth CE 7.4 and Smooth CE Plus Elliptical.

Nautilus elliptical models are in the high-price range but are extremely durable, high-quality products. The Nautilus E 200 and Nautilus E 3000 are elliptical exercisers. Nautilus provides excellent warranties on its machines.

Without the added frills of extra features and preset programs, Horizon Elliptical trainers are quite reasonably priced. The good-quality Vision Fitness range of elliptical machines is famous in Europe. The Q45 E model of Octane Fitness is another highly rated elliptical product.

Recently launched New Balance elliptical machines have gained popularity in a very short time. Their elliptical models are New Balance 8, New Balance 9 and New Balance 9.5. Reebok machines may be suitable for customers looking to buy elliptical machines in the economy range.

Elliptical machines are gradually becoming more popular than treadmills and gradually replacing them. A prospective consumer must study the machine parts and checkout the warranty and services offered before taking the final plunge. Elliptical machine reviews may be very useful in providing much-needed information about the quality of the machine components and its durability.

These reviews are indispensable as they render valuable buying advice, thus aiding a consumer to make a knowledgeable decision about buying an elliptical machine.