Buyer Guide

Comparing the Various Treadmills

Given the diversity of choices available in the market, identifying and choosing a treadmill may be a difficult decision to make. In case a customer feels bewildered by the variety of choices, it may be helpful to compare the various treadmill brands and models.

 However, before comparing, one must look in to his/her budget, fitness needs and the level of commitment towards the intended workout.

Comparing the various models helps a prospective buyer get acquainted with the product features and available discounts. It is useful in knowing the positive points and the weaknesses of different models.

While comparing, the potential buyer must compare treadmill features like motor, deck, belt, speed, incline, handrails option and available programs. A lot of treadmills also come with interactive features like information displays relating to speed, time and others.

Treadmill comparisons help in differentiating commercial treadmills from the ones meant for home use and refurbished equipment from the newer models.

Cheaper in terms of price but new in terms of look and feel, the refurbished treadmill models enable a customer to save almost up to 50 % of their money. Precor C962i, Life Stride 9100HRT Style Treadmill and Star Trac TR 4500HR Treadmill are some reconditioned models.

While the commercial machines are apt for use in gyms, health clubs, hotels and other similar places, the home-use equipment refers to the range of treadmills designed for home usage. A buyer in accordance with his/her requirements may opt for a commercial or a home treadmill. Star Trac and Life Fitness produce commercial treadmills.

While comparing treadmill brands and models, a prospective consumer may seek various channels for aiding comparative study on these fitness aids. One way is to go through consumer reviews. As majority of these reviews are independent and unbiased, they are usually quite reliable.

Seeking recommendations from one’s personal trainer may also help an individual obtain suggestions on some reliable models. Looking through product reviews can also render great help in this regard. These reviews provide critical insight in to the product features and also assign ratings to various models.

By visiting web portals of various fitness companies, useful information may be collected. Finally, a buyer must undertake trial exercises on the short listed models before taking a final decision. Trial workouts can provide very useful first-hand information about the quality of the product and its sturdiness.

However, to arrive at a fair comparison, a buyer must compare treadmill products of similar nature and use. This implies that a commercial product must not be compared with a home-use machine. Similarly, a refurbished or used model should not be measured up against a new product. Likewise, cheap machines must be compared only with cheap treadmills.

Bearing these outlines in mind, a potential client can collect useful information about various treadmill models.