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Why Motorized Treadmills Are Better Than Manual Treadmills



Having decided to have a treadmill at home, the next logical question is, which one? The motorized one or the manual variety? Nearly all of the treadmill users have considered this question at some point of time before settling for any of the two.

The basic difference between the two is that while a motorized treadmill works on its own and you are just supposed to keep pace with the rotating belt, a non-motorized one is more demanding for your legs. It requires you to make it move by applying force. In other words, the way you run on real ground, pushing the ground away with your feet, the same way you have to apply force to the belt to rotate it. Therefore, it is you who determine the pace of the machine while in case of the motorized treadmill, the machine runs by itself and you are required to be in step with it.

The manual treadmills are cheaper and smaller. So, they fit in your budget and your house, equally well. Besides, they are much lighter than the motorized ones, so you can move them far more easily.

Many people feel that since it is the user that moves the belt, the manual treadmills burn more calories than their motorized cousins. Wish it were true but it is not. It is because when you supply power, you tend to get tired more easily, which means you burn less calories. Another problem is that moving the belt puts extra strain on the joints, which is harmful for them.

Motorized treadmills, on the other hand, move at varying speeds and keep you constantly inspired to work harder on it which results in greater energy consumption by the muscles. One can make a number of adjustments with the inclination angle and speed of the treadmill which takes the monotony out of the workout.

Actually, there are just a few things that go against motorized treadmills. Of course, cost is one of them. However, technological innovations in the area of treadmills have made cheaper motorized treadmills possible. So, walk in a sports store and see if the latest model fits in your budget. You just might be in for a pleasant surprise.