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Why Are Treadmills The Number 1 Choice?

The popularity of treadmills is picking up with each passing day, the reason being that it is both convenient and affordable. It’s not as expensive as other home exercise equipments and yet it produces nearly the same positive results, in fact more. Not only that, the treadmill has always been a favorite amongst exercise enthusiasts, whether they do their exercises at home or in a gym.

To burn down calories by using the treadmill is a very simple process. Anybody, even the most lethargic individual can use it to that effect. It is because a treadmill requires nothing more from you than doing something that you have been doing for most of your life i.e. walking.

According to the Communications Director for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, Mike May, treadmills will probably always be the number 1 item because they carry the appeal of the two most popular forms of exercising – walking and running.

To the annual consumer survey of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 45 million Americans currently use treadmills, either at home or in a gym. This makes the treadmills the no. 1 exercise equipment. They are even more popular than stationary bikes, stair machines, ellipticals, and rowing machines.

So, what makes treadmills really popular amongst the mass of exercise and fitness enthusiasts? It is because treadmills can guarantee a consistent workout in all seasons and in all climates. With a treadmill, you do not have to think about common running worries, such as weather conditions that may be rainy, too hot or too cold, windy, very humid, and so on. Above all, by using a treadmill you can have consistent positive result. In fact, treadmills provide the means of exercise that is “just right”.