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Whats In The Treadmill Motor

Perhaps the most important component of the treadmill is the motor. In fact, as stated earlier, most people tend to base their decision in determining good treadmills on motor power. So what’s the deal with a treadmill’s motor?

One difference which is n’t always reflected in the product literature in treadmill motors is whether the manufacturer lists horsepower in terms of “continuous duty” or “peak performance.” It is possible that the manufacturer may be able to get a motor to operate up to 2 HP at peak-performance levels. What it does not mean that it will perform consistently at 2 HP. Many manufacturers claim that they’ve got a 1.5 HP motor, but when you push it, the motor can actually reach up to 2.5 HP at peak level.

If you’re on a budget and want a very inexpensive treadmill, our suggestion is you buy a treadmill with a manual motor instead of an electric. The reason is simply that manual ones are less likely to break down. However, the downside to this buying choice is that manuals have the disadvantage of being slower and more difficult to operate because the user powers the belt. And so, if the exerciser begins to tire and slows down, the belt slows down, too.

On the other hand, the belt of an electric model continues at the same speed, motivating the exerciser to keep going as well.