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Trimline Treadmills: Walk A little longer!

Exercise is necessary, if a person wants to stay fit. The simplest form of exercise is walking. People who walk are considered to live longer as compared to those who drive even for short distances. But, walking is not possible for many people due to many reasons. People may not have place to walk, or the locality may be unsafe due to whatever reasons. In many cases, air and noise pollution are big culprits which prevent people from walking.

Trimline treadmills have been developed as an alternative to this. Trimline treadmills come in many models. They have many features that one may not find in other treadmills. Trimline treadmills come in both folding and non folding models. They come with good warranty schemes and are priced in middle bracket. They are generally priced around 1500USD to 2500USD. Most of the Trimline treadmills have an 18 inch wide belt and a 2hp motor. Thus, Trimline treadmills are great value for money.

On the quality front, Trimline treadmills come with good cushioning. The chances of getting hurt are minimal. Trimline treadmills are fairly stable and quite as well.

The USP of Trimline treadmills, however, is their warranty offerings. The manufacturers of Trimline treadmills are very sure about their product quality. So much so that they offer an unparalleled 30 year warranty on the motor and two year warranty on labor. In case of an economically priced model, you still get a warranty of 10 years on the motor and one year on the labor. What's more, some vendors even offer their own warranty on Trimline treadmills.

Some of the most popular Trimline treadmills are the T305, the T315 and the T380LC. While the first two models are foldable, and thus can be used anywhere, Trimline treadmill T380LC is a health club grade product.

The Trimline treadmills of T305 model come with 1.5hp motor. They offer an 18” X 49” belt surface for you to walk. Trimline treadmills of model T315 are an advanced version of the T305 variety. They have a more powerful 2hp motor. The T315 has a belt surface equal to T305, and it comes with the unique Soft Drop feature as well, which makes folding it easy. Adding to the T315's qualities is the Airstep deck cushioning. Both these models of Trimline treadmills come with a 30 year motor and frame, two year parts and one year labor warranty.

The Trimline treadmills of T380LC are a top of the line products which come packed to the brim with features. They have 3.0hp motor and a 20" x 57" reversible phenolic deck surface. This makes walking on this treadmill a pleasure in itself.