Treadmill Basics

Treadmills May Not Always be Expensive

Treadmills are available in three price categories. The cheapest treadmill models are available for even less than $500, moderate-priced machines range from $500 to $3000 while expensive models are priced at $3000 and above.

Cheap treadmills are a good choice for fitness amateurs who may wish to get a feel of the treadmill workout before splurging on new, expensive models. They are also a perfect pick for budget-conscious buyers, who have strict budget limitations.

Some treadmill manufacturers sell their products at cheap prices and may help consumers pick a suitable workout machine at a good bargain. In cases of promotional or year-end sales, a customer may be able to buy treadmills at reasonable prices.

Often treadmills are also available at discounted prices. These discount machines account for some of the cheapest treadmills. One may look for these machines in the local newspapers where there are advertisements for the same.

Another way to find cheap treadmills is to conduct online searches. Usually, online companies have low cost overheads and therefore they sell exercise equipment at dirt-cheap prices. These treadmills provide great value for money but one must be certain to pick a product that really addresses his/her fitness needs.

Weslo, Image, Proform and Reebok manufacture some of the cheapest treadmill machines.

Cheap treadmills are a decent choice if they are well made and are in a good working condition. But very often, these inexpensive machines rate poorly in terms of their quality, durability and performance.

It may be helpful for a prospective buyer to consider why some treadmills are sold cheap, while others are available at higher prices. Cheap exercise equipment often has weak poor quality motors. Their belts are usually not pre-treated with lubricants and as a result the machine is quite noisy. Their decks are generally very weak and these machines do not offer significant warranties.

Most of the cheap treadmills are manual machines. In case of manual treadmills, the user works the belt. As the user paces on the belt, it moves backward, thus propelling the treadmill. These manual treadmills are known to cause injuries, aches and sprains.

Such treadmills are devoid of features like power incline, heart rate monitoring, pre-set workouts and safety features. Though these added frills come at a cost, they add spice to usual workout and help to keep commitment levels high.

Cheap machines on the account of their poor quality require frequent maintenance and care. This can lead to unnecessary expenses for the user. Often, these low-priced machines de-motivate the user and may cause him/her to completely forego the exercise routine.

A user must be clear about the need for an inexpensive treadmill. Often the after-effects of procuring a cheap machine, in terms of injuries, frequent up keep and low workout devotion, can be disastrous. The cost and constant trouble of keeping up with these unnecessary expenses may far outweigh the benefit of buying a cheap treadmill.