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Treadmills For Old People

Treadmills are designed for use by all people irrespective of their age including, teenagers, adults and old people. But, certain problems may arise when they are used by children and old people. Senior people normally have the habit of holding the handrails while running or walking on the treadmill which increases their chances of damage or injury to their posture and joints. The basic reason behind holding the handrails is their fear of losing the balance on the treadmill.

 The fear of losing balance on the treadmill is normal for the old people as an old body is more prone to damages and injuries. But, this fear entirely depends on emotion and lack of knowledge instead of their physical disability. It is also difficult for the old people to walk on the treadmill if they are confronting the treadmill for the first time as the machine is too big, noisy and unfamiliar to them. That is why, they take some time to get used to it.

While gripping, the person's body becomes less adept at balance and coordination, and the muscles used in the walking are cheated out of work. When walking outside in the parks you have nothing to hold on so why to have a habit of holding the handrails while walking on the treadmill? Many senior people hold the rails initially but after getting habitual, they run like a soldier without gripping it. Old people have relatively less confidence than the adults while running on the treadmill as they feel unsteady while releasing the handrails.

So, it is really good and beneficial for the old people to not grip the handrail while walking as it will cause crooked or slumped posture aggravating the degenerative changes in the spine that come with age. Holding on will only make your walking or running efforts result in null improvement in the body because nothing as challenging is being offered to the body. So, treadmills are the perfect exercise equipment for the old people if worked out properly and accurately.