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Treadmill Vs Elliptical Gliders

Elliptical gliders are a variation of the cross-country machines that topped the popularity charts in the 80s. The elliptical machine is fast replacing the conventional treadmill in all walks of life. It is said that this machine can give a whole body workout within as short a period as a mere 20 or 30 minutes.

The elliptical gliders provide a full body cardiovascular exercise without causing any harm to your joints. The exercises done on this machine are usually low-impact and aerobic. In this regard, it does not seem much different from a treadmill. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there are differences. Treadmill provides a homologous exercise where there is not much variation. When you have used a treadmill for a long period of time, you may end up finding it monotonous. Hence, there may be a lessening of your zeal. The elliptical machine is a combination of many different workout regimens all rolled into one. The glider simulates walking forward and backward, stepping and skiing. In this machine you can also indulge in cycling. In this way, the elliptical glider can benefit you more than the treadmill by combining different forms of workouts. 

The glider can give you a full body exercise unlike the treadmill which provides facilities for running and walking only. The elliptical machine takes only half an hour to enable you to get an overall cardiovascular exercise. The short period required is a very prominent positive trait of the machine. More calories are burnt on the machine than on a treadmill. Normal use of the glider can burn 720 calories per hour, which is roughly equal to the calorie burnt on the treadmill after a vigorous stint. Thus, when you compare treadmills with elliptical gliders, many facts come into view.

On the price front, the elliptical glider and the treadmill belong to the same category. You can purchase an elliptical machine for as low as $300. However, the high-end models can cost you as much as $3,500.