Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Safety

You  must  remember that a treadmill is an exercise  machine. You cannot  expect it to be a toy even though it is fun to use. The fact is that people do get hurt while using any treadmill. This is not because safety feature are not inbuilt into a treadmill. It is just because people either ignore safety precautions or are quire simply not aware about them.

While using a treadmill you should follow all the relevant treadmill safety measures so that you do not get hurt. Treadmill experts or power users will always advise that beginners to be exercise with care and precaution.

Let us review some of the safety precautions that need to be taken while using a treadmill.

- The first and foremost safety option is to be aware of the safety buttons such as the automated switch off, speed control keys and handle bars. These need to be used in an emergency so take the time out to read the manual and become acquainted with the inbuilt safety features.

- The second measure of safety is to keep the treadmill in a safe place. Keep it away from  children or pets, preferably in a room that is not accessible to them. If you need to take a break, make sure that you switch off the treadmill.

- Straddling when you start the workout is important to reduce the risk of falling when the machine starts. Keep your feet on the sides of the belt when you start the machine, then very gradually start walking on the treadmill. Always begin at the slowest speed and advance as you go on.

- When you walk on the treadmill, do not look at your feet, keep your face straight and the chin forward. Make sure that your shoulders do not slump, as this will help you to stay alert.

Following these and the recommended safety precautions in the manual will make your workouts not only comfortable but also safe.