Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Reviews Must Be Reliable

Treadmill reviews are reports on the performance, quality and longevity of different treadmill brands and models. On the basis of their source, these reviews are of two types. There are expert reviews and consumer reviews.

Professionals with expert knowledge about treadmill construction, performance and quality prepare treadmill expert reviews. Some best treadmill reviews by experts include Consumer Reports, Consumer’s Digest, Runners World and Prevention magazine. These reviews offer a fair and impartial opinion about the available treadmill brands and models. Providing incorrect or misleading information can injure the reputation of these recognized fitness experts. Thus, most of them offer unbiased, accurate and reliable reports.

Each review has a different criteria on the basis on which ratings are assigned. Usually, the factors considered while rating treadmills are price, stability, belt area, warranty, console, quietness, incline, cushioning effects, programs, electronics and construction quality.

While one expert may stress on warranty another may emphasize on cushioning effects or stability. This can often result in different ratings. This does not however mean that one treadmill model is better or worse than the other, but just that it is rated differently.

Since there are countless models of treadmills available, there may not be an expert review available for each brand and model. By not featuring in reviews, a product does not become inferior or low-grade.

To get correct, factual information, it is better to consult only recognized and reputed sources. All available reviews may not be accurate and trustworthy. Some sources may have an inclination towards some particular treadmill brands or models. It is thus important for a consumer to be very cautious about the source of the review because only then it would be able to fulfill its intended purpose.

The actual product users also provide some best treadmill reviews. These are referred to as consumer reviews. These evaluations offer a first-hand information about the product’s comfort, ease and durability. They also give buying advice and inform a prospective consumer about what to expect in a particular product.

A buyer must read as many consumer reviews as possible and try to distinguish the premium quality treadmills from the inferior products. It may also help to combine the information provided by consumer reviews with expert advice, as often the former may not be as accurate and honest as the latter one.

The treadmills produced by Sole, Smooth Fitness, Landice, Bowflex and Precor consistently appear in best treadmill reviews. 
In a nutshell, a thorough research about the various treadmill varieties available is important before a buyer makes a final decision. The time and effort spent in doing the research and reading the reviews may prove to be quite worthwhile.