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Look For Best Possible Motor While Buying A Treadmill

While buying a treadmill for home, taking care of motor efficiency is a prerequisite. Motor is the most important part of a treadmill. It plays the crucial role as it moves the running belt. Smooth running of the belt would result in more effective exercise. It in turn depends on the efficiency of the motor.

By analyzing the horsepower of the motor you can easily pick the best possible treadmill. Instead of peak horsepower, you must consider continuous horse power. It helps you zoom in on the treadmill that suits your exercise requirements. Usually it is considered that bigger size of motor indicates its power to continue working at a constant rate.

Warranty period of a treadmill may convince you about quality of the motor. If the warranty period is around five years or more you must take it. As it shows strength of the motor. Some of the leading manufacturers offer a life time warranty. It's always safe to buy a reputed brand treadmill.

Most of the manufacturers bluff you by 3HP peak horsepower while the continuous horse power remain considerably low. You must not let yourself get fooled by it.

With the help of above mentioned tips you may end up buying a better treadmill for yourself. Keeping your fitness needs in mind can greatly help you in ascertaining the type of motor that you need.