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Treadmill Guide: Take Good Care Of Treadmill Belts

Treadmill belts make an important part of treadmills. Most often folks in order to save a few dollars end up buying a treadmill with belts that need an early replacement. Wherein, this replacement can cost you more than what you could have spent on buying a treadmill with improved quality belt.

Therefore, while buying a treadmill you must ensure that length and width of the belt is proper to accommodate you. Better go for a trial exercise on the treadmill you are likely to buy. You must also check quality of belt against your comfort level while on workout. In fact it is advisable to go for extensive examination of belt by doing trial workouts of different levels with varying speed and incline. Once you feel comfortable with belt in all such workouts you can strike a deal for that treadmill.

Length of belt in most of the treadmills usually varies between forty five to fifty inches. Normally width is around fifteen to sixteen inches. However, a very obese as well as tall person may feel uncomfortable with this length and width. They may look for an ordered treadmill for desired length and width.

You should constantly keep track of your belt's condition and you must not continue working out on an uncomfortable and frayed treadmill belt. Once belt starts getting thin you should be extra cautious and before it destroys deck of your treadmill you should better replace it.

If you happen to be the owner of a branded treadmill, use facility of replacement belts offered by the company. If you happen to replace your belt within warranty period, the company would offer you a free tread belt.

You should also keep on using belt lubricant. Treadmill belt lubricants could be very effective in minimizing normal wear and tear in your treadmill. If you want to keep your treadmill deck safe you must not give up using lubricants for belts. Constant use of lubricants for belt would increase life of deck and belt. But these belt lubricants should be strictly taken as per the recommendation of treadmill producers. As, all lubricants don't go well with all types of belts.

One point of caution, avoid more than required lubrication of tread belt. By excess lubrication you may end up damaging motor of your treadmill and once this vital part gets disturbed your treadmill would never work properly unless you replace the motor.

So, all folks who do exercise on treadmill should be extremely careful with the care and handling of treadmill parts and treadmill accessories.