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Sheep Treadmills

The inventor, Victor Tribehorn invented the first sheep treadmill in the year 1990. The design was later patented in the year 1992. The treadmill was invented, as there was a need to exercise a large number of sheep at the same time.

The sheep are arranged on the treadmill in a manner that their front legs are on a stationary stand and their back legs are on the treadmill belt. The treadmill operates at a low speed of around 22 inches per second.

Treadmills that were used before this treadmill during the 19th century had a purpose other than providing exercise to the sheep. These machines were meant to provide power for tasks such as threshing, churning butter, separating cream from milk, grinding stone and various other assorted tasks at a farm.

Farm animals such as horses, sheep, pigs, dogs and even goats were used for providing the power for such tasks. Horses would work on treadmills specifically designed for them. These were days when there was no electricity and some means had to be found to carry out various tasks at a farm.

The design of sheep treadmills has evolved to quite an extends and a number of improvements have been made. The difference is that now these treadmills are used only for exercising farm animals such as sheep or goat, as with the advent of electricity there is very little need for animal driven power, except in the most primitive parts of the world where there is no electricity.