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Running Marathons

The Marathon originated in Greece. The Greeks were brave people who gave equal importance to intellectual and physical training and thus marathons were a part of their culture as much as the syllogistic debates.

However, the ancient running marathons went into oblivion after the decadence of the ancient Greek civilization and the sport was revived only in 1896 when the first modern Olympics were held. The event was not an easy one and in the first few Olympiads, only a few people took interest in the event.

However, in the last three decades the marathons become a modern trend, and have become an integral part of our awareness about sport.

All most all the celebrities of nations both oriental and occidental participated whenever there is a marathon. To some extent, we can say that running marathons has become a part of our social life. Celebrities as well as professional athletes take part in these events.

Take for instance, George Bush, Joe Strummer and Amitabh Bachhan. One thing common among them is that they all have participated in marathons. Thus, it has become a well-acknowledged fact that who ever has a will, has a marathon event to participate in.
In India a boy Budhia, who is only four years old, accompanied professional runners in a marathon.

In case you want to participate in a running marathon, then you will have to undergo training. The training is as rigorous as a participant wants it to be. Any one who can take out the time from their schedule can take part in the training.

You can start preparing yourself on your own with the help of following tips.

Have necessary equipments like shoes, shocks, helmet etc.

Take proper diet to ensure physical fitness.

Try to run a maximum of 10 to 12 miles in an hour in the beginning and gradually increase it.

Keep in mind that any instruction like this can serve only as a preliminary basis and consult either a trainer or athletes in order to have more information.