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Myths About Treadmills

Whether it is the act of buying a treadmill or the act of using it, there are numerous myths attached to them. Some of these myths are as follows:

Myth #1: If a treadmill has the maximum number of extra cool features, it is the best buy.

Fact: If a treadmill has extra features, it is obviously an added advantage but these features themselves don't make it the best choice in the world. If the basic mechanism of the treadmill is not upright it is just not the appropriate machine for you. Sometimes the manufacturers give hand weights and bonus workout CD's alike goodies to lure you because their product actually lacks the required competence. You must first focus on the core essentials of a treadmill and then move on to goodies.

Myth #2: If a treadmill has a higher peak duty motor then it is better than the one with a considerably good continuous duty motor.

Fact: Some treadmill manufacturers try to attract customers by a high power peak duty motor which is just a deception. You should always try to compare the continuous duty power to select the best powered treadmill for yourself. Never get trapped by a peak duty motor rating. Always ask for continuous duty rating. The motor is the most expensive part of a treadmill. So, it has got to be the best.

Myth #3: Running outdoors burns more calories than a treadmill.

Fact: Almost same amount of calories are burnt in both the conditions. The amount of energy required to push yourself forward while running outside is same as required to stop yourself from going backward on a treadmill. It may however be the case that there could be a 3 % to 5 % variance in the energy consumption in favor of outside run. That is due to the wind resistance faced outside. However that can be compensated by using a minimum of 1 % or 2 % incline.

Myth #4: The only way to burn fat is to do aerobic exercises like those on treadmill.

Fact: Running on a treadmill is not the only way to burn calories. There are various other exercises as well which can help you burn calories. There are numerous bodybuilders who do little or no aerobic exercises on treadmills and still have an amazing physique. Treadmill is very well a way to exercise but not the only way. There are other ways to burn fat as well.

Myth #5: Buying a treadmill is all about comparing features.

Fact: It's not just about comparing features. It's about analyzing a particular model to suit your workout requirements. Many people are ignorant towards their own needs while buying a treadmill which is just not correct. You need to look at yourself as well, besides looking at the treadmill. Selecting the best treadmill is a combination of comparing the features of the treadmill in accordance with your needs.