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Manufacturers of Treadmills

If you want to invest in fitness, treadmills are a great option. In order to purchase a treadmill for you, will have to look for a manufacturer of treadmills. There are many manufacturers in this field with a variety of equipments. The choice of manufacturers will depend upon your budget and the type of exercises you are planning to do. For this, you require to do research on treadmills and their features.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of treadmills in the industry are given below -

Icon Health and Fitness
It is the most popular and perhaps the largest manufacturer of treadmills in the world. They produce many other fitness equipments but in treadmill field, they have five brands that are most in demand. These are Weslo, Reebok, NordicTrack, Image and Proform.

These are the cheapest treadmills offered by Icon and perhaps the lowest priced of all the treadmills in the industry irrespective of manufacturer. These are meant for the beginners.

It costs around $1000.This model also offers a warranty of 90 days. Various models of this brand are powered by a continuous duty motor of 2.0 hp, which can run with a speed of 10 mph. It facilitates users with a heart rate monitor and inclines. Among its other features, it is compatible with It  connects the users with Internet for online workout sessions.

NordicTrack – It provides the users with a heart rate monitor and a 1.5 hp motor with a smaller platform.

Reebok – These are more famous because of their brand name.

Proform- Its budget model starts at $400. It also offers a warranty of 90 days.

Smooth – It is yet another well-known manufacturer of treadmills. They sell their products on-line on the company's website. They offer a warranty of 10 years on motor and 12-month warranty on labor. Other components come under a warranty period of 2 to 5 years. The Smooth 5.0P model is known as the best treadmill in the market.

Trimline – It is another name in the field. They offer six folding as well as three non-folding models. The motor of Trimline are designed for smooth and quiet running with less vibration. For beginners, the Trimline 1610 is recommended.

Landice – These treadmills have an experience of over 35 years in the field. They are considered to be the top-most manufacturer of treadmills. Their price ranges from $3000 and thus offers a variety of features. They offer a lifetime warranty on parts.

Cybex – It is another well-known manufacturer of treadmills. They are known for their quality products. The treadmills last long and require little maintenance. They offer a range of mid to high-end treadmills.

Above are listed some of the popular manufacturers of treadmills. Depending upon your budget and your exercise requirements you can select the one that you like.