Treadmill Guides

Know Your Treadmill Before You Buy It!

Your body is the god-given equipment. You wish to get into proper shape. And when you visit the treadmill market, either through the internet or at the shop, you find several models promising you the moon. It is problem of the plenty, you can select but one!

How long your will for workouts on the treadmill last? If you wish to go for a durable treadmill, your related budget could not be less than $1000. At this level, you will get a model that will last long. You also get a service warranty for 2 years for parts and a motor warranty for 10 years.

If your ambitions are high, you wish to be an area level athlete, a confirmed jogger, shell out $ 500 extra. In such models you get a 20rdquo wide belt, 2.5 HP motor and high quality components. This treadmill will give you service for 24 hours.

Do you wish to reach still greater heights? Come to the $2000 range. In such models the decks are longer. The motor is very powerful and able to withstand any rigor. The belt and the deck are designed to receive generous pounding. The deck of a treadmill should be minimum 3/4&rdquo thick.

The hallmark of a treadmill is the motor. It is the heart of the treadmill. It should not run grudgingly, but with a co-operative and competitive spirit. More noise, means more psychological bother and such motors are sure to burn out quickly.

While buying a home treadmill, just don't consider the features of the treadmill alone. Do give a proper thought to your features as well, mainly your weight and height. You need extra horse power for the motor if you are a 'weighty' person. If you are a tall man, and if the treadmill is built with very short walking/running surfaces, you will find difficulty in practice.

The average length of the treadmill surface is 50&rdquo. If your height is more than 6' 3&rdquo, consider surfaces between 56&rdquo to 58&rdquo. You are on the surface during every moment of the praactice. Therefore, you need to feel comfortable all the time there and do not carry the anxiety of less space in your mind.

For average size walkers, I suggest a treadmill with a minimum 50" long surface, if you are over 6'3", you may want to consider 56" surface. For tall runners you want to consider models that have 58" long running surfaces. Nothing is more discomforting, when you feel you are running off the end of a treadmill.

Folding home treadmills have their own plus point. They save lots of space and make their presence felt only at the time of exercise. Otherwise, they quietly lie in any corner.

The greatest advantage of the home treadmill is that you do exercise in the comfort of your home, with no gym bills to pay. You save lots of time in traveling, to and from the gym.

All in all, present treadmill market offers you all types of treadmill machines as per your fitness needs.