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Here Are Some Stats To Acquaint You With The Facts!

Time is a luxury in this era and with our hectic lifestyles, increased work loads, and various commitments, it is not possible to force ourselves to visit a gym, three-four times in a week. It simply may not be possible for you to visit the gym even once. As a result, your health may not be that much fit as you would like it to be. So what is the best alternative?

Americans, young and old alike, are trying to search for solutions to their exercise dilemma. They are looking specifically for the one that will fit into their demanding schedules, yet allow them to do quality workout with positive results. The answer to the above, of course, is the ever-present treadmill.

Scientific facts
Physical trainers and experts believe that physical activity need not have to be strenuous in order to be beneficial. In fact, only moderate amounts of regular physical activity is recommended for people of all ages. Too much strenuous exercise can lead to various injuries, menstrual abnormalities, and bone weakening.

1) Among American youths aged 12-21 years, almost half admit to not being vigorously active on a regular basis.
2) 14 % of young people report that they have engaged in no recent physical activity.
3) This inactivity trend is more common among females (14 %) than among males (7 %). Among black females, 21 % are inactive, while white females comprise only 12 %.
4) As age or grade in school increases, participation in all types of physical activity declines strikingly. Of all high school students, only 19 % are physically active for 20 minutes or more, five days a week, in physical education class.
Between 1991 and 1995, daily enrollment in physical education classes dropped from 42 % to 25 %.

Engaging in various physical activities does have effects that can be very beneficial to your health. First, it helps you build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. Also, it has a direct effect on weight control and fat reduction.

Physical activity can also prevent or delay the development of high blood pressure and help reduce blood pressure in some adolescents with hypertension.

You should engage in physical activity at home by your own initiative. Home exercise equipment, such as treadmills and stationary bikes, have been known to produce the same effects as running or walking outside.

A study published in the Journal of the American Association showed that treadmills easily outpaced other exercise equipments such as a cycle, a rowing machine, and a cross-country skiing machine. So, if you are planning to buy the exercising equipment that makes you fit and fine, treadmill is just the thing that you need.