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Treadmill Buying: 5 Most Important Criteria For Treadmill Comparison

Comparing treadmills is not an easy job as there is a great number to choose from. Some look very smart, others work very well, while there are a few that are a rare combination of style and performance. And then there is the affordability question. Not everyone can afford the treadmill s/he fancies.

And all this buying treadmill-talk boils down to “having the best one, one could have within one’s financial bracket.” The difficulty throughout is to decide the criteria on which to judge the treadmills. That could be a real task. I have identified 5 most important criteria to home in a good treadmill. Here is the list:

1. Cushioning
By cushioning we mean the capacity of the treadmill to absorb the pounding that you would give it during your workout. The belt and the deck of the treadmill must be tough and sturdy. The stronger the two, the better is the treadmill.

2. Stability
Stability is another important factor to be considered. One must consider how smooth the ride is. It should not be a jiggle or wobble, but must stand firm.

3. Accuracy
A treadmill must also be judged with respect to the accuracy of the actual distance covered. The more accurate the reading, the better is the machine.

4. Noise Factor
Next comes the noise factor. A treadmill should be the least noisy one. It should work soundlessly under your feet.

5. Warranty
The above list cannot be completed without adding the warranty factor. You need to take note of the warranty, machine is coming with. One should also consider the after-sales services in order to ensure that if something goes wrong with the machine, it is taken care of promptly and conveniently at home itself. Choose the machine manufactured by a company that has a help line to contact in case of trouble with the treadmill. Also, find out if the machine comes with a warranty covering the parts of the machine, especially the motor, which happens to be the most expensive part.

Once you have made comparisons on the basis of the criteria mentioned above, you would surely choose the best treadmill in the market. That too, within your budget!