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Burn your calories on a treadmill- 3 ways

Several fitness enthusiasts have vouched that one of the easiest ways to burn fat is to simply hop onto a treadmill. And here we will discuss how to burn calories on a treadmill: 3 ways to burn more calories on a treadmill. With the right amount of time spent on treadmill workout, you can easily be on your way to achieve that perfect yet elusive physique.
The treadmill is generally considered to be the one of the top weight loss tools when it comes to the comfort with which it could be used as well as its ability to burn the calories.
According to study done by the VA medical Center in Milwaukee, the treadmill can burn 865-705 calories on an average per 60 minutes. The study shows that the treadmill has actually beaten all of its competitors like the stair and rowing machine amongst others hands down. Here we will discuss three easy ways to get the best out of your sessions with the treadmill especially if you don't have much time to spare on it. Some of these tips will even help you get results after the workout.

First and foremost, walk uphill the treadmill incline will help force your larger muscle groups to work and thereby burning more calories. By simply walking on an incline you can actually burn your calories double or even three fold. However, if you don’t want to spend 20 minutes on the treadmill walking on an incline, there are some other things you can try as well. For example, you can try doing incline intervals by alternating between walking on a steep incline and a normal incline and so on and so forth. Whatever method you choose, walking on an incline is a powerful challenge for your body and can help in burning fat easily. The calorie burn not only rises and stays high during the workout but remains after the workout as well.

To get the most of treadmill, it is advisable not to
grip very hard the handrails; while you can touch the handrails for balance it is best if you don't hold on to them at all. This is because it actually hinders your calorie burning process as your legs are no longer working by themselves and are instead getting help from the treadmill frame.

Build in speed intervals: this helps your body work harder while on the treadmill and also keeps the calorie burn high even after the workout. All you have to do is alternate between running at faster and normal pace, however, if you feel any pain, slow down and talk to a medical practitioner.

These are the three tips that you can follow for your treadmill workout to burn calories while on and off it. So, now you are well conversant as to how to burn calories: 3 ways to burn more calories on a treadmill and just simply follow these methods, you will on your way to reach your predefined fitness and weight loss goals.