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Best Treadmill

There are numerous treadmills in the market from reputed manufacturer with each one trying to input something new in their products. This makes it difficult to decide which one is the best treadmill. You cannot directly judge which treadmill is best because of based on a single feature. To get hold of such good treadmills their features and prices have to be compared. You will have to search for the reviews and read magazines for gathering information.

To be considered the best, a treadmill must possess some qualities and you will have to be alert enough to discover them. The features to be compared include: motor, built, frame, belt and deck, warranty, and the safety measures. Prices and the combination of features have to be compared.


The motor of a best-rated treadmill must be at least 3.0 hp. It doesn't really matter whether it’s continuous duty or not. The power is more important. A power of 3.0 hp means it has enough power to create the maximum speed and will not give trouble while speeding.

Built and frame

The treadmill that is solid built and has a strong frame is better suited for strenuous workouts.

Belt and Deck

The dimension of the belt, its ply, and its oiling mode. Its better if it’s self lubricating, has two or four ply, and has at least 20” x 55” dimensions. The deck clearance and its rigidity are also important.


The best treadmill will offer you a warranty of lifetime for frame, 30 years for motor, and 5 to 10 years for parts and three years for labor.

Safety measures

A proper cushioning system, safety switches, and other safety measures should be there.