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Benefits of Walking as a form of Exercise

Walking is an extremely popular form of exercise, which can be easily adopted by almost everyone. Children, young people, older persons, pregnant women and people recuperating from an illness can comfortably take to this simple form of exercise.

There are a number of benefits of walking. First, it helps a person to lose weight and keep in shape. It reduces body fat and helps to overcome obesity.

Walking is very beneficial for the heart. It helps to keep the heart healthy and strong. It reduces the incidence of heart attack and stroke. It reduces high cholesterol levels and thus improves the lipid profile.

It prevents common cold and chest infections. Deep breathing while walking helps to utilize and optimize the potential of the lungs.

Walking helps to promote muscle and bone growth. This is especially advantageous for growing children. This exercise increases bone density and therefore helps to fight osteoporosis.

It encourages muscle flexibility. Walkers are less susceptible to falls and injuries. Walking also helps to ease backache and neck pain.

This form of exercise is helpful for its effects in promoting sleep and fighting insomnia. Regular walkers are known to sleep soundly and comfortably.

Walking has several psychological benefits. It helps to fight depression and anxiety. It uplifts the mood and overcomes everyday stress. It is also known to inculcate a feeling of self-confidence in people. Thus walking is helpful in lowering death rate and improving longevity.

Persons recuperating from a serious illness are greatly benefitted by walking. It helps in speedy recovery and also helps these persons to get back in to the routine of exercise, without any unnecessary exertion or fatigue.

Walking is known for its benefits in improving blood circulation and strengthening the body’s immune system.

It boosts energy levels and builds stamina. It is also recognized for its anti-aging effects. It helps to thwart breast cancer and cancer of the colon.

Walking is the best possible exercise for pregnant women. It helps in sound sleep, overcomes backache and constipation. It can even shorten labor and makes it easier to get back in shape after the pregnancy.

Walking exercises help to relieve pre-menstrual tension by reducing the incidence of headaches, backaches, fatigue and irritability.

Although walking is an easy form of exercise, a starter must begin slowly. The duration and intensity should be increased gradually. The beginner should set realistic goals and not far-fetched targets. It may be wise to consult a physician before beginning.

The benefits of walking include not only the physical gains derived from this form of exercise but also the psychological advantages. Walking helps to promote not only physical health but also mental well-being.

It is an easy and comfortable form of exercise routine to take up. It requires only a pair of comfortable footwear. It is one form of exercise that can be done anywhere and at anytime. The benefits of walking coupled with the ease make it a perfect exercise for everyone.