Buyer Guide

Octane Elliptical Machines

Octane Fitness is the only fitness equipment manufacturer that builds only elliptical machines. Octane with over five decades of extensive experience in this industry is a recognized leader. The company produces both products for both the commercial as well as home segment.

Octane elliptical machines are made strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001, 9002 and 14000 standards. These products are highly rated by experts. The models of elliptical machines manufactured by Octane Fitness have won a number of awards and accolades on account of their durability, stability and excellent performance.

 Octane home elliptical models include Q35 Standard, Q35e Deluxe, Q35ce Deluxe, Q45 Standard, Q45e Deluxe and Q45ce Deluxe.

The Q35 is equipped with the closest pedal spacing. It provides a very comfortable workout. Preset resistance routines, virtual trainer, stationary handlebars, accessory tray and cool-off fans are some of the other added frills.

The Q35e, a highly rated cross-trainer, incorporates many features of the Q35. It provides quick start option and has a heart rate monitor.

The Q45 Series is the company’s flagship range of elliptical machines. The Q45 models are technologically advanced and the most ergonomically superior elliptical machines available. The added features include SmartStride, multi-grip handlebars and space saving design.

The SmartStride technology monitors the speed and direction and mechanically changes the stride length accordingly. The user may also experiment with different workouts by adjusting the stride length. The Q45e includes all these features along with cross training programs and a heart rate monitor.

The Q37 Series is the only range of elliptical trainers that feature converging Path handlebars. The 1.8” spacing between the pedals is the closest in the industry, designed for maximum comfort. The Arm blaster feature allows the user to personalize resistance levels.

The Commercial elliptical range from Octane has also earned several prestigious awards and recognitions. The commercial range is available in two varieties: the lower-use club products and heavy-duty club series.

Lower-Use Club Products have been designed for lower use fitness amenities. The models in this range are Pro 35, Pro 350 and Pro 350 XL. Pro 35 is an advanced product with compact pedals and an accessory tray.

The Pro 350 has a heavy frame and offers 25 different resistance levels and digital heart rate sensors. Pro 35 XL includes all the features of Pro 350 and additionally provides a longer stride length and 30 varying resistance levels.

The Heavy-Duty Club Series has been designed to endure intensive and rigorous usage. The features include body-mapping ergonomics, quad link drive, multi-grip handlebars and easy accessibility in terms of entry and exit from the rear. Pro 3500, Pro 3500 XL and Pro 4500 are the models in this series.

Octane has a solution for every elliptical trainer requirement. Whether it is home use, light commercial use or heavy-duty commercial use, these treadmills are able to meet every requirement.

For those looking for quality elliptical products, these highly rated and recommended machines offer the best fitness solution.