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Elliptical machines Are Good means To Workout

Running or walking are two very natural motions of the human body and form means of exercise that help tremendously in improving cardiovascular and overall fitness. In today’s hectic lifestyle when we are short of time, exercise equipment that mimic the action of these two basic forms of human motion help us tremendously to make up for a lack of time and reach an optimum stage of fitness.

There are two types of exercise equipment that come to our minds – treadmills and elliptical trainers. The only similarity between the two is that they are both types of exercise equipment; otherwise, the two are very different in concept and design. A treadmill has a roller belt on which we run or walk whereas an elliptical has cross pedals that mimic the act of running.

Both machines are popular means of exercising, and both are equally effective in providing cardio workouts. The popular notion is that elliptical trainers have certain advantages over treadmills. One of the basic advantages of an elliptical is that it provides a jerk free workout that does not strain the sensitive joints of the knees, ankles or hips. Treadmill, although equipped with advanced technologies that absorb the strain that is produced when you walk or run on them, do result in some amount of strain.

Another advantage of elliptical trainers is that they provide a more thorough workout as they exercise the upper body as well as lower body workouts.

Opinion is divided on which machine provides a more intensive workout. Some studies suggest that the calories burned on an elliptical are higher than that of a treadmill, whereas other studies suggest the opposite. One thing that fitness experts generally agree upon is that the perceived rate of exertion is lower in the case of an elliptical trainer.

Whatever machine you select, remember that you should plan out your workout and exercise regimen only after consulting your doctor and a fitness expert. Plan your exercise routine so that you can have the maximum benefit.