Treadmill Basics

Treadmills For Children

There is no reason why your children can't walk or run on a treadmill inside your house on a cold or rainy day. Various treadmills are being designed specially for small children between 4 to 8 years of age. These specially designed treadmills for kids help them stay fit and do regular workouts. For, these treadmills are designed keeping in mind the requirements and capabilities of small children, most of them are without motor and hence are manual in nature.

Treadmills built for children are different from those built for adults. The main point of difference lies in their features. These treadmills are designed keeping in mind the safety of the children, that is why the motor is not included in most of the treadmills as a single wrong step on the treadmill might result in injury to the children.

Some of the essentials for your child's treadmill are as follows. It has to be a treadmill:

1) of manual nature, compulsorily.
2) specifically designed for use by children aged 6 and above.
3) having reinforced surface and a welded steel frame enabled to handle children up to 350 pounds.
4) with a provision of adjustable incline for smooth walking and running.
5) having safety sided handrails and children's computer readout.
6) which is 50'' long, 27'' wide and 48'' high, weighing 115 pounds.

In fact, these are the features that are visible in almost every treadmill designed for a kid. Some of the treadmills come with additional features such as read out and games to provide the children more comfort and fun while exercising on it like electronic module and many more of such kind.